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Leasing A Car in Lima OH, Drive Reineke

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Looking to lease a car in Lima OH?

Buyers are generally able to afford a more expensive vehicle when they lease hence the high number of luxury vehicles leases. One advantage of leasing a vehicle is that you get to drive a new vehicle every few years; this may be ideal for consumers who like to change their cars often or want a car with the latest technological features. Another advantage of leasing is that the down payment requirements are generally significantly lower than those for auto loans.

The main disadvantage of a lease is that you’re not building equity and you won’t own the vehicle once the lease ends. You may also be penalized if you exceed the mileage stated in the contract or return to lease before your contract expires.

Research the invoice price before making a final decision. It’s also important to consider the residual value of the vehicle once the lease ends. Your monthly payment is dependent on the residual value; your payments will be lower if the residual is higher. Some dealers may include gap insurance for added protection. You will also have to purchase auto insurance in order to cover theft and damages incurred from any car accidents.

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